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Focke Wulf FW 190D-9 W.Nr. 211040
Focke Wulf FW 190D-9 W.Nr. 500111
Focke Wulf FW 190D-9 W.Nr. 500408
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Focke Wulf FW 190 D9 WkNr 211040
Introduction :

This aircraft served in General Galland's squadron JV 44 . It was used to protect Me 262 during Take off and landings . This aircraft wore specifics markings not to be shot down by its own AA-guns. The squadron initially based in Munchen then move in the closing days of the war to Salzburg and Innsbruck . This aircraft was found by US troops in Ainring (5 km far from Salzburg) . Thsi machien was recently positively identified

The Dragon (DML) Kit has been photographed on a Verlinden Trophy diorama base . The kit is straight from the box only the mobile surfaces have been cut and repositionned .
Left side of the bird with the spefifics markings .
The kit has been painted with X-tracolor products . The a/c has received a half-gloss varnish . The propeller blades and the wheels have been varnished in matt .
Right side close view , see exhaust stains on the fuselage .

Focke Wulf FW 190 D9 WkNr 500111

Introduction : This Focke Wulf was piloted by Helmut Rix on March 2nd 1945 . It belonged to II /JG301 . The pilot bailed out after having been shot at . It was his first combat mission as a fighter pilot The scale model was painted according to the pilot's memory . He is still living in UK now .  
Trimaster kit was enhanced and updated in a drastic manner. Some panels removed can be seen on this photo .
Flaps and fuselage access door have been opened.
And then the result . All the markings are hand painted . The diorama base is hand made ..
Front view , the fuel traces have been done with oil paint . On the close view , just below the added details can be seen .
After several years of research, on camouflage and markings on FW190D-9's, I decided to apply my conclusions onto a scale model. I tried to use as few after-market products as possible. The sole pieces used were the MDC cockpit and wheels sets and Eaglecals Decals # 61. Having seen high quality photos of the real machine, I decided to depict it as it has been not really well interpreted on every publications. This Fw190D-9 wore W.Nr 500408 and tactical code "White12 " of 5./JG301 found in Langensalza. Building this scale model was also a duty of remembrance to Helmut Rix, a former pilot of 8./JG301.
Above, the engine rear part and the firewall, detailled regarding the technical drawings I have. Copper wires and all kind of pipes are used. The same parts after painting installed in the fuselage and the MDC's cockpit after completion. The decals representing the instruments are really nice and became realistic with a drop of gloss varnish.  
the major work on this scale model, the rivets, all made one by one. For Fw190D-9, this is according to me, something you have to do on a 1/32nd scale model. At that time production centres of Dora-9s (here Mimetall at Erfurt) tried to save as much time as possible, so no sanding and no putty, paint often applied on bare metal. Red primer paint applied on mobile surfaces as on real machine .
  Pre shading process .