Visit done on May 1997

The Bridge at the entry of the Harbour . One of the fast Catamarans that do the link between Hong Kong and Macau can be seen on the left .
There was a ceremony in the Budhist temple at the south of the main island . It was surprising to see so much colours coming out like that .

Inside the temple , at the entry .
Now back to the city to discover some particular shops of Macau . Here a fish shop . The name of the shop are in Chineses and Portugese . Easy to do the translation !!!

Another shop , that could be called a garage in Europe . The hability of the Ebenist was astonishing . Here no translation !!! Macau is full of furniture factories , and shops , and you can reproduce everything you want . The main problem is the humidity (in May circa 80 to 95%) , and the wood will not survive to a travel in Europe .
Another speciality of Maucau , the production of fire-works . Here a shop , The funniest point there is that you can buy some of them but you cannot go aboard the ferries with them .

A typical Chinese Pharmacy , full of "bizarre" thing flaating inside glass pots !!! . The owner of this one is a real business-man as he also sales cigarettes !!!! .
Street market down town . They look better organised that the one I have seen in Hong Kong.

On the other side of the see leg , the democratic Republic of China. Macau should be back to China in 1999. In the center the main monument in Macau.
The same moniument before the invasion of the japanese tourists!!!

Old Chinese in a park . Mens are gathered on a side of the park .
Women on the other side !!!

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