Krakow Museum

Visit done on August 17th 1997


View of the aircrafts parked outside . A Mig21 ,a Sukhoi 17 , a Mig 27 , several Il28 san be seen on the tarmac .
The author and a friend of him , in front of the wrecks of a FW190 F8 , just outside the main exhibition hangar . This aircraft crashed in the Baltic See just after taking off ,(see the entended landing gear) . Two bodies were found in the fuselage , the pilot in the cockpit and his mecanic in the fuselage . They try ,at the very end of the war, to escape Curland .
This Focke Wulf FW 190F8 , was equiped with PB2 anti-tank rockets . This close view shows the metal fixing parts of the wooden rocket launcher . This feature is very interesting as it seems that the rocket launcher was intalled in the factory and not retro-fitted . The wing was also covered of aluminium patched to fill small caliber bullet holes .
Now back inside the Museum , in the World War I hangar . This Avaitik found in Poland was restored in its initial paintings and markings.
A very interesting thing point was discovered on this aircraft , by reading the manufacturer plate . This aircraft was build in Alsace " Elsass in german" (french territory occupied by german from 1870 to 1918 ) in Mulhouse "Mulhausen" 40 kilometers far from were I was born . What a surprise to find a part of the history of my region so far East !!
A part of the initial fuselage was kept . You can then admire the restauration of the Aviatik .
The author in front of a very rare bird . This Curtiss Expert Hawk III serial Number 81 was piloted before the war by the german General Ernst Udet . This aircraft worethe german indetification codes D-3165 , then D-ISIS and D-IRIK .
Another close view of the Custiss Hawak III
An Il-10Sturmorvik , of the polish air force after the WWII.
Another russian aircraft of the Second World WAR used by the Polish Air Force , a PE-2.


As Poland was occupied all along WWII by Germany , a lot of german engines were left behind after the War . Here a B.M.W. 801 . This engine was installed on Focke Wulf FW 190 A ,Junker Ju88 and Junker Ju188. This one was installed on a FW190A . The cowling in repainted in Russain color . The transport carts is also a german one designed for this engine .
An In-line V12 engine . Daimler Benz DB 600.
Another view of the DB-600.
Another In-line engine Junker Jumo 211 F . This one was instaled on Junker Ju 87 Stuka , Heinkel He 111 , Junker Ju 88 .. This engine was after the War installed on the Czecz version of the Messerschimitt Me109 K , the Avia S-199.
The russain copy of the German Junker Jumo 004 , powering Messerschmitt Me262 , Heinkel He 162 , and Arado 234.
R.A.T.O rocket Walter HWK 509-A1 . This rocket was used to shorten take-off , and was used on Bachem Ba349 Natter..
R.A.T.O rocket Walter HWK 500-A1 . This rocket was used to shorten take-off , and was used on Arado AR 234 .
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